Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lidia Staub: The Mystery Of The Tarot

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RENDEZ VOUS CHEZ PATRICIAThis Sunday 16 September At 18h30Visit Patricia's website - http://www.parissoirees.com
Our Guest of Honor: Lidia Staub Tarot Card Reader and NLP Practioner "The Mystery of Tarot Cards "
Interactive. Everyone participates. Pure fun and enlightenment Lidia Staub is also a classical musician and journalist, who has always been interested in spiritual research. She travelled to India and Nepal, amongst other places in her quest. In India, her spiritual teacher is Ohso. It was in India that she learned to read Tarot cards.
Lidia Staub can be contacted for consultations by email at lidia_mus60@hotmail.com
Photos: Historical Tarot cards: Image from the Rider-Waite tarot deck (" The Magician") and, below, cards from the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck (15th century).

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PARIS SOIREESPatricia is proud to have a 21st Century Parisian Salon. Our mission is to simply enlarge your circle of acquaintances in a safe and stimulating atmosphere while promoting Cultural Achievement, The New Age and Paris Personalities. And we have fun! We are THE gathering place for the International Community of Paris. Enjoy! Discuss! Meet new and interesting people. (Patricia Laplante-Collins created Paris Soirees Dinners on Sunday and Paris Networking Cocktail on Wednesday, Paris Expat events open to all, on the Ile St Louis to bring Americans in Paris together with Ex-pats, hip French and the International Community in a global meet-up. Evenings feature Literary, Art, New Age, Business, African-American and Black Paris themes presented in English. There is an intimate salon atmosphere and the focus is on meeting people in Paris. Patricia is also the founder of African American Literary Soirees and regularly hosts Paris Literary Salons. All at Chez Patricia.
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