Sunday, June 17, 2007

Eye Prefer Paris. Doesn’t Everyone? Richard Nahem. Author. Paris Soirees Chez Patricia Sun 17 June

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This Sunday 17 June At 18h30

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Our Guest of Honor
Richard Nahem, Author About Paris. Tours About Paris

Eye Prefer Paris......Doesn't Everyone?

Eye Prefer Paris......Doesn't Everyone?

Richard Nahem, a native New Yorker, moved lock, stock and barrel to Paris 2 years ago. He was a successful caterer/private chef and arts events producer in New York and gave it all up to fulfill his lifelong dream of living in Paris. Along the way, he he started to write a book about the move and his love of Paris called Eye Prefer Paris, which then turned into a blog about insider things to do in Paris, and then lead him to start walking tours based on the places he writes about on his blog.

Richard will share his experience of his special Paris and read excerpts from his book and his blog.

ADDRESS: Chez Patricia: 13 rue de Mulhouse, 75002 Paris. Metro: Sentier (line 3). Take the rue des Petits Carreaux exit (very important). Cross rue Reamur. The street on the left should be rue des Petits Carreaux. Walk 2 blocks up on rue des Petits Carreaux. You’ll face an HSBC branch . (There’s Café Honoré on the right). That’s rue de Clery. Make a short left (30 seconds) onto rue de Clery and then immediately a right onto rue de Mulhouse. There's also Les Halles, Reaumur Sebastopol and Bonnes Nouvelles. (Map with reservation)

PARTICIPATION: 20 Euros. Thanks for having exact change in an envelope with your name outside. Please include your card.

GREAT FOOD! International Cuisine. (Southern US, French or other European. Thai. . lovingly prepared as always by Patricia)

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Paris Soirees Dinners Every Sunday At 18h30.
Every Wednesday at 18h30: PARIS NETWORKING COCKTAIL Unsurpassed Networking opportunities. Socializing. Meet people who have something in common with you. Great food and wine. Contact Patricia: Reservations WITH YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER PLEASE: / 01 43 26 12 88

Patricia is proud to have a 21st Century Parisian Salon. Our mission is to simply enlarge your circle of acquaintances in a safe and stimulating atmosphere while promoting Cultural Achievement, The New Age and Paris Personalities. And we have fun! We are THE gathering place for the International Community of Paris. Enjoy! Discuss! Meet new and interesting people.

(Patricia Laplante-Collins created Paris Soirees Dinners on Sunday and Paris Networking Cocktail events on Wednesday on the Ile St Louis to bring Americans in Paris together with Ex-pats, hip French and the International Community in a global meet-up. Evenings feature Literary, Art, New Age, Business, African-American and Black Paris themes presented in English. There is an intimate salon atmosphere and the focus is on meeting people in Paris and creating friendships. Patricia is also the founder of African American Literary Soirees and regularly hosts Paris Literary Salons. All at chez Patricia.

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