Friday, January 19, 2007

SONGS: Love. Healing The World. Pandora Morcas. Vocalist, Composer, Guitar. Paris Soirees Sun 21 Jan At 18h30


Sunday 21 January At 18h30
Our Guest of Honor:

Pandora Morcas
Vocalist. Composer. Singing Coach and Guitarist

Pandora Morcas, a multilingual singer songwriter started her showbiz career as a singer and dancer for HAIR in a Greek theatre in Athens. She moved from Greece to France in 1984 and has coached hundreds of students to find joy in singing and creating repertoire as well as accompanying on .

This Saturday, January 20 at 19h30, Pandora will sing early at Chez Cozette, 35 rue de Enviergnes, 75020 Paris . Metro: Pyrénées (Line 11) Her style?: jazzy folky sometimes funky. Pandora’s songs are often about romance and/or about healing the world.

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Anonymous said...

uma voz maravilhosa,um talento musical expressivo e lindas canções interpretadas