Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Year's Eve 2006

I had always wanted to have a New Year's Eve Party, so when New Year's Eve fell on a Sunday – the fixed Paris Soirees Dinner Evening - allez-up!

I guess the people who had the best time were Maura Brannon Linnan and Jim Linnan (pictured in the center of the top left photo with Sylvie and Nathalie). They were in Paris from Albany, NY as part of their honeymoon. Maura organizes music festivals there and Jim's an attorney. The first leg the honeymoon was in Prague, then Paris, then back to the US and then Mexico

The metro ran until 02.30 - so we all had a full night without worrying about how to get home. Everybody put on their CDs and we had some dancing.

Sylvie and Nathalie are deep in conversation.

My friend Brenda who came all the way from LA to Paris especially for the week-end.

Laurent again the blue shirt gesturing. He helped serve more than anyne else. I don't think that I would have ever gotten out of the kitchen if it hadn't been for him.

New Year's Eve was a blast - even though it meant a lot of kitchen time for me. I was working like crazy but everyone helped - especially serving. I got a lot of visits in the kitchen, especially from smokers who didn't want to gêne (disturb) others.

Thank God I decided t have a full Paris Soirees dinner because an awful lot of bottles of champagne got consumed and that's always better on a full stomach.

I think that my best dish in the world is my pumpkin soup, which I hadn't made in 3 years. I was inspired to make it as a started and it was a big hit. (Followed by Turkey with Wild mushrooms, many other dishes and pastry and ice cream for desert. Lots of calories but kept people sober.)

On New Year's Eve, it's strictly party, party with music and dancing. What a relief not to have introductions (listening to details about people's fab careers and lifestyles). No speaker. Nothing serious. Just fun and champagne.
Barney and Mathieu emptying one of the many bottles of champagne.

We were all very casual. Very relaxed.

Chef John Frost (no cooking tonight) with honeymooners Maura and Jim

Gwaenel and Michele

Laurent again

John and Sylvie

Just before midnight, Katie Roberts, a very well njazz pianist played for us. We had a pause at midnight, welcomed ion the New Year with hugs, kisses and champagne and then Katie played some more. She was as great as she is lovely.

Everyone getting ready for Katy's performance.

Terrance flirting with Katy Roberts

What the critics say about Katy:
Katy Roberts is known for her solo piano performances, her accompanying skills, and for her skills as a composer, arranger and bandleader. She has been on the Parisian scene since 1990 and has led her own trio, quartet, and more recently, her quintet and septet.

Her performances are top-notch, and the music has been quoted as "...jazz like we love it, swinging elegantly, moving the soul", (Jazz Magazine, April, 2003), "...

By this time I could get out of the kitchen and relax and have fun with everyone else.

Pam and Jim, who've been married quite a while, relatively new (2 years) to Paris from Florida - acting like newly weds too.

Go Pam and Jim

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Patricia said...

Even I had fun. I'll definitely do this again next year. Best, Patricia