Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fondly Remembering The Music Scene From the 60s to Now. In France And US. Paris Soirees Sun 14 Jan

About January 14 - We knew that Bart Bull would be a terrific guest since his work as music editor (SPIN Magazine) and producer, fashion editor (American Vogue) and journalist all involve a lot of PR. Bart was mellow, enthusiastic and knowledgable in a fun way about music scenes everywhere and the French Music scene that night. Francoise Hardy, Jane Birkin, Johnny Halliday and other legendary names rolled off of the his tongue.

We were so happy that Bart and partner Lisa brought along friend and fellow musician Fiachna O'Braonain (I hope the correct Americanization of Irish. If not Fiachna, please forgive us.) Fiachna sang a very moving Irish song to Bart's accompaniment:"Amhrán na Trá Báine" which is Irish (or Gaelic) for " Song of the White Strand". It is a "Sean-Nós" song, a style of singing which goes back to before the written word in Ireland "where very often songs were sung not only for entertainment but also for relaying news, history, and even hearsay and gossip!" Welcome and very unexpected.
Plenty of food. You know those Red Beans and Rice are a staple. Tonight we had a simple meal of French style Roasted Chicked and Filet Mignon of Porc, several French vegetarian dishes. Heaps of hors d'ouvres at the beginning (Fallafel and Spinach appetizers, Smoked Samon Canapes and Guacamole and Chips). We began the evening with a special Southern (US) Cocktail Maison homemade from scratch by Patricia (and of course based of Bourbon. What else?)
As usual, people met people and made new friends. Patricia was delighted to see friend and Historian F. Scott Haine, a past and future speaker after an absence of several months. Scott presented Patricia with a gift of two of his most recent books: "The World of the Paris Café" and "Culture and Customs of France. " Thank you again Scott.
And thank you Bart and Fiachna for adding your warmth and welcoming nature chez Patricia. A fun evening. Patricia rates it amongst the best.
Photos: From the top: 1) Bart Bull, Patricia and Fiachna O' Braonain and doggie Eve after Bart's Talk and Bart and Fiachna's duo.

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Caj said...

It was a real pleasure to hear Bart, someone who's obviously 'with it' all around, speak of the contemporary music scene so knowledgeably, including France's often overlooked contribution. And what a delightful bonus with Fiachna and the traditional Irish song.